What Kind of Brides Wear Bridal Tiaras?

We’ve had so many of our bridal clients come to us cautiously looking for the perfect bridal tiara that we eventually had to ask ourselves why there were so many tentative shoppers out there. When we dug a little, it turned out that a lot of brides-to-be were worried about looking overdone or over-the-top and feared that the drama of a, say, Swarovski crystal bridal tiara would make them look stuck up rather than elegant. The good news is that nothing could be further from the truth! Today’s bridal tiaras are every bit as sophisticated as bridal hair brooches and pins – and not, we’d like to point out, trying to be the crown jewels.

In fact, a bridal tiara can be a perfect accompaniment to a bride’s overall wedding day look, harmonizing fabulously with her bridal jewelry, gown, and shoes. Can a tiara stand out and play a starring role in wedding day attire? Absolutely, if that’s what the bride wants. Most brides who choose tiaras, however, aren’t looking for something queenly so much as something that will show off their beautiful hairstyles and in many cases, a simple veil. And tiaras are a great way to do just that while also being easier for many brides to wear than clips or hair pins.

If you’re a bride-to-be and you’re not wholly sold on bridal tiaras just yet, keep these 5 tiara buying tips in mind:

1. Buying a bridal tiara may be more complicated than finding something you like and clicking ‘purchase’. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time for exchanges, just in case.

2. Consider your hair length, your anticipated wedding day hairstyle, and how difficult a given tiara will be to secure in place through your ceremony and reception.

3. Your face shape matters, so look for guides that will help you choose a bridal tiara that looks beautiful on you.

4. Tiaras come in different heights, so consider how much height you want to add to your wedding day look when choosing a tiara.

5. Don’t forget your dress! Tiaras come in so many styles, colors, and metals, so be sure that the tiara you choose complements your wedding gown instead of competing with it.