Why Is Choosing Wedding Jewelry So Hard?

So you have the dress of your dreams – maybe it’s hanging in your closet in a museum quality garment bag or it’s waiting for you at the bridal salon for the day you come in for your first round of alterations. Your venue is booked, the officiant is on board, and you’re still under budget. Next up on your wedding planning to-do list is choosing wedding jewelry!

Simple, right? Except that every time you hit the shops or fire up your browser, you start feeling overwhelmed. And why not… there’s crystal wedding jewelry, pearl wedding jewelry, matched sets of gold wedding jewelry, solo single pieces, Swarovski crystals, hand cut Austrian rhinestones, and colored gems in every hue under the sun. And that’s before you even start thinking about styles of wedding jewelry.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to make choosing wedding jewelry easy – or at least fun, even if having to say no is sometimes painful. Did you know that we have stylists on staff who can help you choose the perfect bridal accessories? We consulted them to get some pre-buy pointers brides-to-be can use to narrow down their choices.

Let Your Gown Do the Choosing

It’s pretty obvious that your wedding jewelry ought to be simpler if your gown looks like one of these:

And should be – or can be – more ornate if your gown looks like this:

Then there’s color to think about. Stark white gowns coordinate with certain jewelry, while cream and ivory and diamond and especially that lovely color known as rum pink will look best with other pieces. Not that there isn’t overlap in terms of what looks good with what, thank goodness! Still, always consider color.

Next up, necklines. A gown’s neckline can be the deciding factor when you’re trying to choose between two wedding jewelry sets. There are more options open to a bride wearing a dress with a plunging neckline than there are for brides whose necklines are riding high. Even earrings can clash with certain necklines – when in doubt, take your jewelry frontrunners for a dress up appointment with your gown to see how they look together.

But Your Gown’s Not the Only Thing

There are the other accessories in your bridal ensemble, of course, like the veil (if you’re wearing one) and also your hairstyle, which is super important when you’re picking out earrings. Face shape matters, too. And the formality level of your wedding may also play a role in your choice of wedding jewelry, though we’d never tell you not to go glam at an otherwise casual wedding! Finally, your first wedding jewelry buys may drive the next ones, since you want your necklace, earrings, and other accessories to harmonize with each other.

No matter what you do, though, NEVER wait until the last minute to buy your wedding jewelry. Give yourself plenty of time to pick your dress and do a little wedding planning before you even start thinking about jewelry so you’re not rushed. Rushing = stress, after all.