Would You Put a Crystal Bridal Brooch in Your Bouquet?

If you read our guide to the hottest 2012 wedding trends, you may remember that item number five in our lengthy list was brooches. For the bride… for the bridesmaid… and for bouquets? Yep!

Bridal brooches are making a comeback, and not only as hair accessories and gown embellishments. Brides are finding creative and quirky ways to use rhinestone bridal brooches in their wedding finery, and that includes nestling them among the flowers!

There are so many ways to get on board the brooch bouquet trend!

Brides who have serious love for blingy crystal bridal brooches are creating amazing DIY bridal bouquets made almost entirely of brooches – with a little floral wire, Styrofoam, and hot glue in the mix but out of sight. These bling-heavy bouquets are like bridal jewelry taken to a beautiful extreme and can often be seen in weddings that have vintage flair. This option? Is definitely for the non-traditional bride.

Then there are the brides who mix flowers and brooches in equal measure (as shown above). With plenty of sparkle, these brooch bouquets still incorporate lots of florals like ranunculus and roses along with crystal brooches for a look that’s intensely eye-catching. The bling can’t be ignored, but it’s tempered by the soft femininity of the blooms that surround them. It’s like a traditional bridal bouquet, but better!

A third option takes a beautiful bridal bouquet and gives it a dazzling focal point in the form of a single, substantial crystal brooch like our Vanessa Side Bridal Brooch. It puts just the right amount of sparkle in a bouquet without overwhelming the beauty of the flowers themselves.

Who’s on board with this wedding trend? Any bride who is looking for more ways to personalize her wedding day ensemble, from her head right down to her toes. Whether you fancy a brooch bouquet that forgoes flowers or a single dazzling bridal brooch is all you dare put in your posy, we’d love to hear how you’re personalizing your bridal bouquet!