25 Cool Gifts for the Bridesmaids

Giving gifts to members of the wedding and other special guests is a time-honored way of showing thanks and sharing joy. It’s customary to present a token of appreciation to bridesmaids, ushers, flower girls, ringer bearers, readers and parents, as well as anyone else who helps make your wedding day special.

Here is a list of our 25 favorite bridesmaid gifts that reflect their personality and interest. They’re sure to be a long lasting memory of your wedding.

Aromatherapy candles that fit in with each of their lifestyles (tranquility, energizing, de-stressing).

Beautiful hair jewelry, like a butterfly barrette or rhinestone bobby pins.

A small box of decadent chocolates.

Perfume and a dainty atomizer.

All the fixings for a luxurious bubble bath.

A day of horseback riding (or kayaking or roller-skating, etc.).

Gorgeous candlesticks and candles that fit their décor.

Cooking, art or ceramics classes. (Fun for the creative types, and relaxing for those who are highly stressed).

A pair of margarita glasses, a good bottle of tequila and limes, – of course!

For a business traveler, a tiny blow-dryer and mini sizes of all her favorite toiletries.

A deluxe set of designer makeup brushes for the beauty aficionado.

A fine linen handkerchief (for all those happy tears she’ll shed at your wedding).

A gourmet gift basket – include a tiny cookbook and all the ingredients to make a few delicious dishes!

Decoupage a shoebox with memorabilia: old photos, ticket stubs from movies you saw together, and snippets from letters. Fill it with sweets or some scented beauty and bath items.

Concert tickets for a favorite band.

Manicures and pedicures all around! (Great to give before the wedding.)

A precious evening bag – and not necessarily one for the wedding.

Gourmet coffees or teas in a fun, jumbo-sized cup and saucer.

A beautiful hand blown vase or artful objects, is perfect for her creative side.

Lingerie (they’ll never expect it).

For a movie nut, a small collection of her favorite videos, some microwave popcorn and a video guidebook. (Don’t forget the Junior Mints!)

A lovely photo frame (or two) – and a promise for a wedding photograph of the two of you.

Classy stationary – splurge on a monogram if there’s time.