5 Tips for Brides: Breaking in Wedding Shoes

A bride has to have her accessories! In addition to wedding jewelry, headpieces, and peripherals like the all important clutch, there are, of course, wedding shoes. Typically a bride’s shoes will be new and according to limited research we’ve conducted on our Facebook page, they will be heels. Sometimes extra high heels!

1. Think carefully about heel heights. While sky high heels may look amazing, they’re not usually comfortable for brides who aren’t used to walking in them.

2. If you must wear the highest of heels, do a little pre-wedding training. Walk around, for hours, in those heels that look so gorgeous but feel less than stellar on. Make sure you’ll be comfortable on the big day.

3. Try walking on different surfaces to see how slippery those soles really are. Doing a little slow shuffle on concrete can help un-slick the bottoms of your otherwise perfect heels.

4. Well-fitting wedding shoes will need less breaking in than shoes that don’t fit quite right. Even if it means eating the cost of a too small pair of pumps, make sure the shoes you’re trying to break in actually fit.

5. To avoid scuffing bright white bridal shoes, put them on and then put a pair of men’s tube socks over your shoes. You’ll look silly, but your wedding shoes will stay pristine.