7 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Color Scheme

1. Work around something: Have you already found the most amazing wedding shoes or colored wedding jewelry? Use these tiny touches as your inspiration for creating a richer wedding color scheme.

2. Grab some paint chips: These home decorating freebies can be the perfect way to narrow down your wedding color scheme options – particularly the paint chips that show you numerous shades in one color family. Grab bunches and see where your creativity takes you!

3. Use online color tools: There are amazing interactive color tools out there that will show you the complementary and other color combinations so you can choose the colors that harmonize best with your absolute favorite color.

4. Let your venue lead: The dominant colors in your wedding venue can form the basis of your wedding color scheme. This is a particularly good strategy if your chosen venue has a strong established color palette.

5. Make an inspiration board: Pinterest can help you choose a wedding color scheme by giving you easy access to pictures of items, dresses, and color combos that inspire you to create a color scheme that’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

6. Consider the mood of your wedding: Will your ceremony and reception be casual? Romantic? Traditional? Raucous? Your wedding colors can help set that mood, so make sure that your colors reflect the tone you want to set.

7. Find inspiration in flowers: The local, in-season flora in your area can help you narrow down a color palette for your wedding decor. Likewise, your favorite flowers – whether in season or not – can form the basis of a color scheme that speak to you.