A Bride’s Schedule for an Afternoon Wedding

An Hour to Hour Guide for the Day of the Big Event (For a 3:00pm Ceremony)

O.K. Brides, the moment of truth is only a few short hours away. You have been planning for months. Everything is taken care of; the favors, seating, transportation, and even your honeymoon bag is packed. All that is left is YOU! You should feel pampered and relaxed on your wedding day. To make sure that your wedding day is special and hassle free review this day of the wedding schedule and keep it handy. Feel free to adjust the time frames to suit your needs.

* Try not to stay up late the night before the wedding & avoid drinking too much alcohol or caffeine so you will be well rested.

8:00a – 9:00a: Rise and shine! Shake off the sleep, stretch, and get ready for the big day. Use this time to just wake up. Take a walk or relax and talk with your bridesmaids and family. Have someone brew some coffee and don’t forget to eat an energy-boosting breakfast. You don’t have to feel stuffed after breakfast, but it is crucial that you do not skip breakfast. It is important that your body gets moving. Walking will help curb your jitters and limber you up for a night full of dancing.

9:00a: This is your time. Pamper yourself by taking a bath and spending an extra long time in the shower. Don’t forget to shave, exfoliate, and moisturize every inch of your body. To make sure that you don’t forget anything it is a good idea to write out lists and stick them onto your mirror. That way you can’t miss them. When you get out of the shower put on comfortable clothes and a button down shirt. You don’t want to have to worry about messing up your hair or clothes while you are getting ready. While you are making yourself feel relaxed and beautiful, have one of your bridesmaids lay out your hosiery, undergarments, slip, petticoat, garter and gloves on your bed. Have your mom get out and hang up your dress and make sure that everything is wrinkle and stain free.

10:00a: Use this time to get a manicure, pedicure, clean your engagement ring, and get your hair and make-up done. While you are busy primping yourself whether it be at your house or at the beauty salon down the street, it is a time that you should savor. This is also the time that your bridesmaids can be getting ready. Have someone put your emergency or survival kit, your honeymoon luggage, and everything that you might need for the ceremony or reception by the door so that you can’t possibly forget it.

12:00a: Grab a bite to eat for lunch. You don’t want to stuff yourself and make yourself feel sick, but you do want to make sure that you have something in your stomach to ensure that you don’t feel faint later on. Chat with your bridesmaids and see how everything is coming along. If you are getting nervous, put on an upbeat song or tell jokes. Also, from time to time take a deep breath to relieve some of the tension you may be feeling.

12:30p: Start getting ready. Use the ladies room one last time. Now you are really beautiful, your nails, hair and makeup are all done. Have someone help you in getting dressed so you don’t smudge your makeup or mess up your hair. Don’t forget something old, new, borrowed, and blue.

* You may want to have the photographer take pictures of you getting ready, but only do so if you feel completely comfortable.

1:00p: The flowers and photographer should have arrived, if not already. Now it is time to start letting others take over. Listen to the photographer and smile big! You know that everything is ready. When you are done taking pictures, this may be the time that you want to give your bridesmaids their gifts or just tell everyone how much you love them. Thank everyone for all of their hard work.

2:00p: Depending on how far the ceremony is from where you are getting ready, allow yourself enough time to get to the church a half hour before the ceremony begins. This way, if there is a lot of traffic or an accident you have given yourself enough time to still make it to the aisle on time.

2:30p: You and your wedding party should being hanging out in a room either in your church or if you are having an outdoor wedding, somewhere inside. This is the chance for last minute touch ups of makeup and your hair. You may want to have some snacks for your wedding party. Just relax, laugh, and have fun. There is no reason to be up tight or worried now. Everything is planned. All you can do now is enjoy yourself.

You and your wedding party should assemble yourselves in front of the aisle. Try to take in everything. The ceremony has begun. Watch as your best friends walk down the aisle. Then it is your turn, all eyes are on you. Take a deep breath, garb your dad’s arm, smile and look straight ahead to where the man of your dreams is waiting for you.

The rest is as they say, “history.” You will spend the night dancing, laughing, and spending time with friends and family. Enjoy that fact that this is the only time that you will be able to spend with all of your family and friends at the same time. You should enjoy talking to everyone and expressing to them how much that they mean to you. You are now a married woman and therefore there is now something about you that shines. You are a beautiful married woman who has just experienced the best day of her life.