Adding Candlelight to Your Ceremony or Reception

Incorporating candles into your ceremony or reception is a great way to provide a more intimate and romantic atmosphere. It makes the room appear smaller and provides a warm glow that cannot be reproduced through electricity. Here are some tips for using candles:
A Few Things to Check

* Make sure that your ceremony site allows candles and check the fire restrictions carefully.
*Contact your photographer and let him know that you will have low lighting, so he can adjust to your setting.
* No matter what style you use, check the burning time. If the ceremony or reception isn’t long, and you are planning on using the same candles into the night, they might burn out before your guests leave.

Candles at the Reception

* You can use floating candles, pillars or tapers, depending on your personal style. Floating candles reflect off of the water they are placed in and can have a beautiful effect.
* Highly decorative can take away from the beauty of the flame. If you are looking for simple beauty, keep the candles plain.
* Be cautious of strong, scented candles at the dinner table. They can interfere with the enjoyment and taste of the food.
* You can accent candles with petals, small blooms or seashells.
* For safety purposes, enclose votive candles in appropriate containers and anchor tapers in a suitable holder.

Candles at the Ceremony

* Upon arrival, have ushers give each adult guest a candle. The candles can be lit before the processional, during the unity candle ceremony or whenever you would like.
* Indicate in the program when candles should be extinguished, especially if it is before the end of the ceremony.
* Remember that candles drip! If you choose to give them to guests, include a holder that will protect their hands and clothing.