Advice for the Bridal Shower Hostess

Some etiquette experts say that the mother of the bride, mother of the groom or other immediate family members should NOT host the shower. But, today, just about anything goes!

Sometimes it is the Maid of Honor that organizes and plans the shower. Many times both family and friends work together to organize, host and share the cost of the wedding shower. Sometimes where it is held depends more on who has the larger home (for home showers) versus outdated etiquette rules.

Here are a few tips:

* If you are planning to host a shower for the bride, check with other friends and relatives to see if others are also planning to host a shower. You don’t want to invite guests to more than one shower.
* Whether or not the shower is a surprise, you should find out from the bride what she really needs and her color preferences.
* If the shower is a surprise, make sure that the “plan” involves getting her dressed in proper attire. There is nothing more embarrassing for the bride than showing up for her shower in an old pair of shorts and a t-shirt.
* Wedding showers are usually held 2-6 weeks before the wedding. However, if the bride lives out-of-town, it may be necessary to plan it at a different time (i.e. around a holiday or dress fitting) when you know she will definitely be in town.
* A recent trend is that more wedding showers are no longer a surprise. Many times with a bride’s demanding work or travel schedule, it is necessary to let the bride know the date and time ahead of time.