Best Man Responsibilities

The groom selects his Best Man. It is typically his brother, father, a close relative or friend. In the case of a second marriage, he can even choose his son to be his Best Man.

The Best Man plays an important role. He is responsible for:

* Getting the groom to the church
* Holding onto the rings
* Giving the first toast to the bride and groom

Now, if you read the etiquette books, the best man has a long list of responsibilities, such as…

* Host the bachelor party for the groom
* Arrange for ushers to be fitted for tuxes
* Coordinate ushers’ activities on the wedding day
* Help the groom get dressed
* Stay with the groom up until the time of the ceremony and offer moral support
* Make sure the groom is packed “appropriately” for his honeymoon
* Make and/or confirm the couple’s honeymoon arrangements
* Drive the groom to the ceremony
* Hold on to the marriage license and wedding rings
* Pay the Officiant and other vendors
* Give the first toast to the bride and groom at the reception
* Oversee the timetable to make sure everything runs on time
* Drive the couple to their hotel or their destination after the reception

The best man’s responsibilities depend largely on who the best man is and how much responsibility and other tasks YOU would like him to perform.