Bride-to-Be: Take a Break

How easy is it to get so wrapped up in planning a wedding that everything else in your life gets the short end of the stick? Too easy. Trust us, we get it. Wedding planning is alternatingly fun and tear your hair out stressful in that way that makes you feel like a reality TV star. We love it all, the good and the bad. Touring venues. Shopping for wedding jewelry. Oohing and ahing over gowns.

The only problem is that wedding planning 24/7 is not exactly healthy when you stretch it out over a period of months. You need to do something else. Anything else. But preferably something else that makes you happy and helps you reconnect with you. You are, after all, more than just a bride-to-be.

We say take a break.

Treat yourself. Go shopping. NOT for the wedding! For you. Buy yourself something fun that isn’t related to the ceremony or reception. Like a pair of amazingly impractical shoes. Or a funky ring. A book you’ve been dying to read – and then make the time to actually read it. Or sign up for a dance class. Buy a huge bag of yarn and learn to knit.

Go crazy! Buy an old junker and fix it up in your spare time – that’s right, you could DIY your own classic limo.

In other words, the sky is the limit. The purpose of this exercise is to spend some time not thinking about your wedding. You’ll be happier, less stressed out, and will have more energy to devote to planning that wedding. Pinky swear.

So do something nice for yourselves, brides! Something just to make you smile!