Brides, Are You Forgetting Something?

You have your emergency kit. You have your wedding earrings. Your dress has been pressed and is hanging framed in front of a tall light-filled window. Your shoes have been thoroughly broken in. Every vendor has confirmed. Every detail is seemingly in place. Or is it? You probably have a team that’s going to have your back on your wedding day. The ushers who will make sure everyone is seated smoothly. The bridesmaid who happens to be a makeup goddess. You mom, who’s hurrying over to the reception venue immediately after the ceremony to make sure everything is set up and ready.

But who, we wonder, will be taking care of you? One thing that is conspicuously absent from your list is a point person. That’s the member of your bridal team whose job is to be your wedding day PA. She – or he – might run little errands for you, like zipping off to the drug store for a detergent stick. Someone who takes on the responsibility of finding out why the photog is 15 minutes late. Your point person is the one who makes sure you’ve eaten breakfast or lunch before the ceremony and also the one who keeps you fed and hydrated during the reception. Something’s stressing you out? Your point person will offer to fix it, insofar as she or he can.

If you haven’t chosen a point person for your big day, consider who among your friends and family is both uber responsible and also unencumbered by wedding day duties. Sometimes a sister is the perfect person for this role. Though admittedly, sometimes a sister is the worst choice! Only you know who the best point person will be on your wedding day. That said, even if you have more than one willing wedding day PA, don’t work their poor fingers to the bone. Your point person should have the same chance to enjoy your ceremony and reception that the rest of your guests will have!