Brides: No Pierced Ears? No Problem!

When people talk about wedding jewelry, bridal earrings are often the topic of conversation. Which is all well and good, until you’re talking to a bride-to-be who never felt the need to get her ears pierced. She may be the kind of bride who feels comfortable having her lobes bare on the big day, and we think that’s fantastic. There’s more than one way to accessorize a bride! But a bride-to-be who has gone without earrings for most of her life may still find that she wants a complete wedding jewelry look when she says her wedding vows.

That’s where clip on bridal earrings come in. They represent an elegant solution to what isn’t actually a problem. Brides can get all the shine and beauty of crystal or rhinestone bridal earrings without having to fundamentally change their ears. Clip on bridal earrings are comfortable. They stay put. And they’re no more or less expensive than traditional post earrings.

We’re tremendously pleased to be able to carry a limited selection of amazing clip on bridal earrings because we don’t want any bride to have to go without! Here are three clip on bridal earrings options that have all of the sparkle of regular earrings in a pain-free package:

Our sleek and vibrant floral clip on bridal earrings feature a botanical pattern with oval and pear shaped stones that coordinate with any style or color wedding dress.

These dazzling clip on bridal earrings are crafted with tons of tiny brilliant gems, two medium circular gems, and a beautiful, light-catching teardrop at the lowest point for maximum impact.

You’ll be simply beautiful in our elegant 1″ clip on bridal earrings featuring two stones – one round and one teardrop – for subtle movement and shine.

Do you have pierced ears? Have you ever worn clip on earrings anyway?