Brides: What to Do About Unwanted Opinions

Opinions are like belly buttons – everyone has one. Especially where weddings are concerned. In fact, when you’re planning a wedding, if the people around you limit themselves to sharing one opinion, you’re lucky. Most brides? Find themselves at the receiving end of way too many opinions to count – many of which are in direct opposition. One opinion giver suggests wearing grandma’s vintage jewelry while another thinks you should go ahead and buy that Swarovski crystal bridal jewelry set. Considering a colored wedding dress? Be ready to field comments about how white is the only real wedding dress color. Vegetarians and anyone else with special dietary preferences or concerns is going to hear some criticism if their menu isn’t all-inclusive. And so on.

So what’s an otherwise happy brides-to-be to do about all of those opinions being thrown at her from all sides? There are a couple of different ways to respond to unwanted opinions about your wedding planning choices and we’ve outlined some below.

1. Smile and Nod, Then Move On

Polite brides-to-be can avoid conflict by listening courteously to advice givers, thanking them for their input, and then doing whatever they felt like doing in the first place. After all, it is your wedding and as much as the people around you are eager to offer up their commentary on your choices, they probably also expect that in the end, you’ll choose what you want.

2. Quote the Experts

When someone in your life is trying to convince you that some absolutely unmannerly wedding “custom” is actually just fine – think expecting guests to spend the price of their meal on a wedding gift – you can pull out your wedding planning know how and throw down the names of some experts. They might not know who you’re talking about, but quoting expertise gives you an immediate advantage.

3. Just Be Blunt

Of course, you could always let the opinion givers in your life know that you’re not interested in hearing what they think about your wedding planning choices unless what they have to say is positive and enthusiastic. You’re under no obligation to take the opinions of 10 or 20 or 50 people into account when choosing your wedding venue or bridal accessories or reception menu, after all.