Candle Centerpieces

Hurricane Lamps and Lots of Kisses

We’re having candles in hurricane lamps with silver foil doilies and Hershey’s kisses instead of confetti. I’m a chocoholic, so what could be better than an endless supply of chocolate on every table? ~ Submitted by Holli, Sikeston, MO

Candle and Mirrors–Mini Lanterns

My fiance and I had a smaller ceremony and placed four mini lanterns with tea lights on each table. They served as a centerpiece as well as a favor! And they were very inexpensive! ~ Submitted by Sarah, Phoenix, AZ

Floating Candles

I am using floating candles in little bowls. Original idea? Nah I know, but in the bottom of the bowls I found little strands of pearls in the wedding colors and so it adds an attractive look in the midst of all the water. Plus, I am going to put gold wrapped Hershey kisses on the tables. ~ Submitted by Christi, Divide, CO

Warning!: At my daughter’s friend’s wedding, she had small candles floating in fluted bowls. They were beautiful, but the bowls were not heat resistant. After a couple of hours of the candles burning down, the bowls broke. Glass was everywhere, so they had to blow out all of the candles that were left. I hope this doesn’t discourage anyone, but they just need to make sure the glass is heat resistant.

Table Runners

I will be laying down fabric table runners in assorted jewel tones, then some silk ivy (or fresh if I can afford it), and then either a floating candle in a brandy snifter or three tapers of various heights (hopefully I can find some that *will* drip and look all Gothic). ~ Submitted by Katie, Richardson, TX

Brandy Snifters

Take two medium brandy snifters and one large brandy snifter. Fill the bottom of snifters with colored marbles about 1/3 way up. Fill with H2O and float a candle. Have your flowers around the base of the snifter. My tables will have small glass candle holders with silk flowers inside, candle an d flowers at the base–very inexpensive, and pretty!!! ~ Submitted by Barbara, Glassport, PA

Personalized Hurricane Shade with Votive

I am using a hurricane shade with a votive candle cup and votives, since tapers sometimes tend to “blacken” the glass. Around the bottom I am using grapevine wreaths and since the wedding is only next August, we are drying flowers to decorate the wreaths with. Hydrangea & straw flowers in pinks, yellows and mauves will set off the navy color scheme of the day!

Centerpiece: Flower Pots with Candles

I am using terra cotta flowerpots that I found in the cellar of my grandparent’s home. I plan to whitewash them and then add a bow and place tapers in the pot. I will also embellish the pots with silk ivy. On either side of the pot will be a votive and some decorating stones. ~ Submitted by Tricia, Sterling, IL

Centerpiece: Homemade Candles

We made our centerpieces. We took candleholders and put sand and seashells in them. Then we finished them by making them into gel candles. Our reception theme was under the sea so this was perfect. These candles can be made with any decorations. I found the gel wax on the internet. ~ Submitted by Sandra, Arkon, OH

Silver Lanterns

We are using silver lanterns that hang from a stand. I strung eucalyptus around the stands and will place a tea light candle in each lantern. Our reception is in the evening outdoors, but the lantern will prevent the candle from the wind. It’s beautiful. ~ Submitted by Andy, California

Ivy Bowls

Small glass “fish bowls” with a ruffled edge that contain a rose scented, red shaped candle floating in water. This is put on a mirror, with ivy wrapped around the base. Small white and yellow daisies will be tucked in the ivy for added color. ~ Submitted by Karen, Bloomington, IN

Hydrangea Candle Rings

For a centerpiece, I am using hydrangea candle rings with a medium size ivy bowl placed in the center. In it will be floating a white rose shaped candle,
atop rose colored water. ~ Submitted by Jakeisha, Cincinnati, OH