Candy Table Centerpieces

Centerpiece: Candy Tree

Make a candy tree! To do this, all you need to do is take a white Styrofoam cone and use straight pins or hot glue to stick Hershey kisses to the cone. Then decorate the tree as you like. I am adding ribbon at the top and letting it drape down the sides for a soft effect.

I also took some “rose trim”, cut out the roses, and added the roses along with some greenery leave sparingly around the tree to add more softness and elegance to the candy tree. To top it off, I hot-glued four of the roses with two silver rings (to look like wedding rings) to the top of the cone. I will place this in the center of my reception tables with some greenery around the bottom edge of the cone with some votive candles sitting around the table! ~ Sumbitted by Melody, Lubbock, TX

Centerpiece: Giant Candy Bar

I had giant candy bars created in beautiful floral custom wrapping for each table with the table number on it. At the end of the wedding, people were instructed to open the candy bar and eat it as part of their dessert. Very unique! My guests commented about it for months! ~ Submitted by Susan, New York, NY

Centerpiece: Fluted Champagne Glass

For our wedding, we were on a limited budget so I decided to make my own centerpieces. I took a fluted champagne glass and put one piece of clear, opalescent colored tissue paper in it. I filled the tissue paper with pastel colored Hershey’s kisses. Then, I stuck a sprig of silver stars shooting out of the middle and tied a ribbon (with matching wedding color of course!) around the paper at the top of the glass to keep all of the goodies inside.

During the wedding, the guests munched on the treats and at the end I had a beautiful set of champagne glasses to add to my stemware collection. ~ Submitted by, Ann Marie, Columbus Township, MI

Centerpiece: Chocolate Lollipops

I plan to use chocolate lollipops in rose, and heart shapes for favors. For my centerpieces I will place a “bouquet” of these items in the center in a piece of decorated styrofoam. ~ Submitted by Beth, Washington, PA

Centerpiece: Decorated Buckets

Decorated buckets (I used ice cream pails with silver wrap and little red cupids and hearts) in wedding colors with two bottles of wine in them. ~ Submitted by Nicole, British Columbia

Centerpiece: Hand Painted Pots

I am getting married in October, Halloween to be exact. The favors to my guests are hand painted 3″ flower pots filled with little bags of candy corn. My centerpieces will be larger hand painted flower pots, tied with a nice bow, and filled with red, green and yellow apples. ~ Submitted by Melissa, Staten Island, NY

Centerpiece: Hershey Kisses, Candles and Confetti

For our wedding, we used the glitter and confetti idea plus added some curled ribbons and Hershey kisses sprinkled randomly on the tables with votive candles. You can also use mirrored tiles and put them under the candles to add to the brightness of your centerpiece. ~ Submitted by Debb, Milwaukee, WI