Centerpiece Ideas For Every Season

Winter Centerpieces

Gingerbread Houses
Sylvia, New York

I’m having a Christmas wedding. I am buying gingerbread houses from my baker and using them as my centerpieces. They will add to the festivities of the holiday and add both color and fun to my wedding.

Dana, Illinois

At my future Mother-in-Law’s suggestion, we are using cranberries. Each table will have a round (ivy-like) bowl filled with cranberries. Sunken into the cranberries will be a white candle. The bowl will be nestled in the center of a pine wreath decorated with Christmas ribbons.

Table Runner
Mari Linn

Using a runner instead of a centerpiece is a wonderful idea! I have been going crazy trying to think of a way not to use the mirror, glass bowl thing (I find them tacky). However, by using a runner I can find a rich, tapestry-like material and it will also add the right touch of color to the hall.

Pine Cone Wreath
Kristy, Williamstown, MA

Since we are having a winter wedding, we decided to try something other than flowers (which are expensive) for our centerpieces. My fiancé and I are collecting pine cones of all shapes and sizes. We will be painting them gold and making wreaths out them. We are going to decorate the wreaths with a navy ribbon to match my wedding colors. In the center, we will place an extra large pillar candle (three wicks) also in navy.

Spring & Summer Centerpieces

Sponge-Painted Pots
Betsy, Wales, WI

My sister just got married, and for her centerpieces she got a bunch of friends together to sponge-paint pots in her wedding colors. We then contacted a garden center and had them plant pansies in her colors in the pots. The centerpieces did not cost a lot, looked great, and one guest at each table got to take the plant home as a nice memory of the day!

Straw Hat
Beci, Clackamas, OR

I’m having a garden wedding! My mom and I bought straw hats at a local craft store. We are going to decorate them with silk flowers and ribbon then place them in the middle of each table.

Terra Cotta Pots
Jennifer, Villanova, PA

We’re using five 4″ terra cotta pots per table ($.39 each). Each one is spray painted white which gives it a sponge-painted look. Then, we are tying ribbon ($.55 per yard) around each one. The pots are getting planted (by a florist) with tulips and pansies and other seasonal potted flowers in multitudes of spring colors. The centerpieces will double as favors.

Herbs and Greenery
Maria, Mendon, MA

I am planning to use herbs and greenery for my centerpieces. I’m having a summer garden wedding. I plan to use fresh mint and rosemary mingled with some ivy and just a few flowers.

Heather, Salem, Indiana

My sister has a collection of interesting teapots. We are filling them with small bouquets that have various flowers in them. The teapots are free, and the bouquets are from the local grocery store. The flowers only cost $4 a bunch. I have twenty tables to decorate, so this is cheap and easy. Also, it is very different because none of the teapots are the same. Great discussion pieces!

Fall Centerpieces

Floating Pumpkins
Maria, Attleboro, MA

We’re having floating candles shaped like miniature pumpkins and multi-colored leaves in clear glass bowls. We also bought strands of leaves to put around the bottom of the bowl. We’re getting married next October so it will be perfect for our fall wedding!

Carving Pumpkins
Connie, Phoenix, AZ

I am using FUN-KINS in my centerpiece. FUN-KINS are an artificial carving pumpkin. They are great for the Autumn/Halloween themes. They can be carved or left as is for a more organic feel. We are carving Celtic love knots and my new last name in them. Everyone in the wedding party will receive one as a gift or token from us. They can be stored in their own boxes for years to come – my plan is to leave my out year round.

Terra Cotta Pots with Mums
Kathy, MN

I am using sponge painted (off white) terra cotta pots with mums. I have a fall wedding theme, so they will be fall colored mums (wine, rusty orange, yellow & white). I will place the mum into the painted pot & top it off with some craft store moss. I will tie raffia or ivory tulle in a bow. Wa-la, for $8 bucks or less I have huge, colorful centerpieces that will last for months.