Choosing a China Pattern

Choosing a china pattern is not always easy. Some brides feel more pressure about this decision because it is an “investment” and as your mother always says “It’s something that you’ll have for the rest of your life”. How do you know that you will still like that same pattern ten years from now or even next year?

Well, don’t worry, here are some hints to help you when selecting your fine china.

First, let’s talk about the basics. There are two types of fine china – bone china and porcelain china. Bone china is made with bone ash and porcelain is made from refined white clay. Both types of china are just as beautiful and although they may look delicate, they are actually quite strong and durable. Most fine china (except ones with gold or silver accents and trim) can even be placed in the dishwasher. But of course, you’ll always want to read the care instructions before doing so.

Some brides like to choose a simple white pattern for their everyday dinnerware and a more colorful and bright pattern for their china or vise versa. When it’s time to register for your china or dinnerware, if you’re not sure about your color scheme yet – go with white or ivory. You can always add color (and change colors) with interesting table accessories, candles, flowers and table linens.

Today, there are so many colorful patterns to choose from when selecting your dinnerware patterns. The department and specialty stores know exactly how to display these designs to make a table look so appealing! But remember, the only thing missing in those beautiful displays is the FOOD! So, before you make your selection – visualize how that bright floral green pattern will look with a piece of lasagna!

Sometimes if a pattern is too busy it can take away from the presentation of the food. For instance, most restaurants serve their food on white or ivory dinnerware. So, if you like the colorful patterns, a good compromise it to choose a pattern with a colorful border and trim and solid white middle.

When it comes to table settings, you should register for at least eight, but preferably twelve. Twelve may sound like a lot right now, but don’t worry over time – you’ll use them!

Now, your mother has probably told you that china is to be used for only special occasions. But, what could be more special than dinner or breakfast with your husband? And what about dinner with your friends? So, once you do decide on your china pattern, use it often and enjoy!

Questions to Ask Yourself and Your Fiance Before Selecting Your China

Talk with your fiance about setting up your home and about each other’s tastes and preferences and try to answer these questions:

*What is your favorite color?

*What is your finance’s favorite color?

*Do you have a favorite color together?

*Do you have a color scheme for your dining room?

*Will you have a formal dining area?

Now let’s think about your lifestyle and personality and ask yourself some more questions:

*Do you have a more elegant or casual style?

*Are you more traditional or contemporary?

*Do you prefer vibrant, bright colors or more muted pastels?

*Do you prefer a very simple looking table setting?

*Do you prefer a more adorned and rich look with lots of color, pattern and texture?

*Do you prefer things that take minimal care and are easy to clean (i.e. dishwasher safe?)

HINT: You may use your china more if it is easier to clean and take care of.