Coordinating Colors

For those of us who haven’t graduated from design school, the task of getting everything coordinated can seem a bit daunting. What colors should be chosen? How can these colors be used for the best effect? For reference purposes, a simple color wheel goes from yellow to orange to red to violet to blue to green to yellow, with other hues in between. Below is a quick list of color schemes used by designers that will help you achieve visual balance in your decorations.


One base color is used throughout, but there are several different hues and tones present. For instance, you may choose blue as your color. The bridesmaid’s dresses can vary in color from navy to periwinkle to powder blue and have a stunning visual effect through this color scheme.


Two or three colors are chosen that are adjacent to the color wheel. An example of this is to have yellow, yellow-green and green tones throughout the wedding.


Three colors are used, that are equidistant from each other on the color wheel. For instance, a bride may choose yellow, blue and red for her colors.


This scheme is very popular for weddings. Two colors are chosen that are opposite on the color wheel. Two examples are using red and green or using violet and yellow.

You’ll want to choose a dominant color for your wedding that is present in most of the decorations. The other colors you choose should be accents.

By Leah Steenstra