Crystal Hair Twists: A Fun DIY Idea… for Wedding Guests!

Brides, if you’re feeling extra extra generous and want all your wedding guests to look and feel as fabulous as you do on your big day, we have an idea for you. We’ll admit, it’s not for everyone. It’s the kind of idea that most wedding guests will never encounter – but those who do will be talking about it for months, and will probably bring it up at least once at every wedding they attend for years and years.

What is it? We’re getting to that!

Though we’re proposing brides implement the idea with crystal hair twists, we originally saw it done with flowers. At her own wedding, a noted California florist set up a DIY wedding hair accessory (and boutonniere and corsage) station for her guests that included flowers, pins, ribbon, and even fresh fruit. Everyone was invited to make a hair pin to wear during the ceremony and reception.

Good idea? Great idea, we think, but of course, not one that’s easy to implement for anyone who isn’t a florist who knows what goes into making floral hair accessories.

So our thought is that brides who want to replicate the idea do so on a smaller scale by displaying a pretty bowl of crystal hair twists for female wedding guests who want to pretty up their own wedding hairstyles in advance of the ceremony. It not only gives guests something to do, it also gives guests something to talk about while they wait for you and your wedding party to finish preparing for the main event.

No, it’s not the most budget-friendly idea, but it’s not a budget buster, either. If you want to give your female wedding guests a little small something to make them feel fab, it’s a fun and different idea that they won’t see at any other wedding!

Are you doing anything to help your wedding guests feel beautiful and festive? Tell us about it in the comments!