Decorating Your Church with Pew Bows

Decorating the church with pew bows can be both beautiful and expensive. When purchased from a florist, pew bows can range in price from $6-$15 each (or more). So, here are a few less expensive alternatives:

Decorate every 2nd to 3rd pew with LARGE bows. This looks beautiful and when you consider how long your guests will actually be at the church or ceremony site — it’s much more cost effective.

Combine your pew bows with greenery. It will make them look more elaborate and greenery is very inexpensive.

Now, if you to want to splurge, then combine your pew bows with flowers and greenery on every pew or every other pew.

You can also use tall candles and candle holders (usually done with hurricane globes) as your pew decoration.

You can add ribbon and flowers spiraling up the end posts. This can make a really elegant and romantic setting. Often, these are just used on every 2nd or 3rd pew.

Make your own pew bows! Go to your local fabric or craft store. They typically have several easy styles and patterns available. They also have “bow making devices” so that each bow will look perfecto! And, pew bows are usually made from tulle — which is a very inexpensive fabric.