DIY Is NOT Always the Simple Way to Plan a Wedding

How about those simple rustic DIY weddings that you can’t get away from if you read any wedding blogs? The brides profiled make their own everything, from hand painted invitations with calligraphy to wedding jewelry crafted after a 6-week jewelry making course to homemade cupcakes. That pallet arch? Oh, the happy couple built it during spare weekend hours. One bride decoupaged her own bridal shoes to reflect her love of comics. Another sewed 200 lavender sachets after work. The groom, meanwhile, was busy making artisanal honey with the bees he keeps. And so on.

On the other end of the DIY wedding spectrum are the kits that couples – or sometimes just the bride – put together after hours, but you don’t hear much about that. Or about the vast majority of brides whose DIY wedding experience begins and ends with addressing envelopes.

The simple DIY wedding? Could actually exist, but if it does, it’s hiding somewhere along with the less expensive DIY wedding or the cheap outdoor wedding for 100+ guests. The fact is that the brides and grooms who commit to DIYing everything from cake to the choreography aren’t signing up for the easy path. And that’s just logical – since when is making something simpler than buying it? Which isn’t to say there’s no value in DIY wedding planning. We love those gorgeous “simple” DIY weddings as much as you probably do.

But that said, we know that DIY does not equal simple. And we know that we wouldn’t have the energy to plan one!

What are you DIYing?