Do I Really Need a Wedding Theme?

Theme weddings are a big deal these days, if the wedding planning guides are any indication. Beach theme weddings for the summertime bride – sand not necessary – compete with wonderland themes for the winter weddings. There are steampunk weddings and classic gangster weddings and renaissance weddings and even zombie weddings. Practically anything can become a wedding theme, so we get that there’s an element of fun inherent in theme weddings. But the fact that there are so many theme weddings (and wedding themes) out there is starting to make some brides-to-be wonder if they need a theme to have a wedding.

What’s involved in having a theme wedding? Your wedding theme might dictate everything from your choice of venue to the design of your cake to your wedding jewelry. Almost every wedding planning decision you make will be driven by your theme. This can mean that all of those planning to-dos take twice as long to cross off because you’re searching for, say, bridal accessories and linens that are appropriate for a 1920s flapper wedding. In short, having a theme wedding isn’t always easy, and a theme wedding can actually be a lot more expensive than a traditional wedding.

So as to whether you really need a theme, we think that ‘wedding’ is a perfectly acceptable theme for a ceremony and reception. What does it matter if your guests know that you were inspired by Old Hollywood Glamor as you sketched out your wedding day look? Or if they understand that the table names are all related to library science? You’ll know, and your wedding will be beautiful even if no one gets what you were going for. If you were going for anything at all other than just… wedding!