Doesn’t Your Bridal Jewelry Deserve a Spot in Your Wedding Album?

There are so many must-have wedding photography guides for brides and grooms out there. Some wedding photographers even have long shot lists for their clients of poses and scenes and events that most couples can’t live without. When it comes to bridal jewelry, the rings usually play a starring role in wedding photography. How many married couples can say that they don’t have at least one up close picture of their cupped hands holding their wedding rings? Not many, we’d guess!

But what about the rest of the bride’s accessories? Beautiful crystal bridal jewelry, gold bridal jewelry, and pearl bridal jewelry surely deserves a place in your wedding album. After all, your wedding photographer wants to tell the story of your wedding through her photographs – and your wedding jewelry is part of that story!

Now, right now, you may be thinking that it would be lovely to be able to look back on your wedding day with perfect pictures of your bridal accessories. But of course the question is how do you include your bridal jewelry and other wedding accessories in photographs without getting into cheese territory. That’s just what we want to talk to you about today!

A beautiful bridal jewelry set – like our Touch of Sparkle bridal necklace and earrings duo – can be shown off in photos so many ways. Traditional wedding photography has almost always included a picture of the MOB or MOH helping the bride put on her necklace, but before that, why not capture your necklace artfully arranged on your bridal shoes?

Of course, bridal jewelry, like our gorgeous Floral Melody champagne bridal jewelry, is always most beautiful on the bride herself! Ask your photographer to spend a few close up snaps capturing your necklace and earrings (and hair accessories) after you’re dressed and ready so you can see the detail.

A pearl bridal bracelet as stunning as our Pure Bliss pearl bridal bracelet deserves the same treatment. Your wedding photographer can take a few pictures of your crossed or clasped hands to show off your engagement ring and your bracelet. If your bouquet includes bouquet jewelry, you can compose a shot that includes your ring, your bracelet, and your flowers!

If you’re wearing a bridal veil (like our current fave, the two layer Swarovski rhinestone edge veil) ask your photographer to take the classic as-seen-from-behind shot after you’ve had your hair done. You won’t get another chance to see your veil so perfectly as you will in the moments before you walk down the aisle.

Those are our favorite bridal jewelry-inspired photography ideas. What are your must-have accessory photos?