Double Weddings

Are you considering a double wedding? Maybe you and your sister are getting married at the same time… maybe it’s together with close friends… or maybe it’s your fiancé and his brother. Double weddings, while unusual, definitely occur. There aren’t any hard and fast rules for them, but here are a few ideas to keep things smooth:

* Invitations: Consider going with an invitation that has three panels. The middle panel should list the location, date and time. The two side panels should be reserved for the individual couples.
* Processional: If you and your sister are the brides, have your dad walk both of you down at the same time. Your wedding party can be interspersed in the processional, with the wedding program denoting the relationship of each member of the wedding party to each of the brides. Another idea is to have two separate processionals. The oldest bride should go first, followed by the youngest.
* The Kiss: When your Officiant says, “Now may you kiss the brides”, kiss simultaneously.
* Bridesmaids: The bridesmaids of each bride do not have to wear the same thing; they merely have to complement each other. Choose different complementary colors or shades of the same base color. If you want the same color, think about having different styles.
* Cake: Buy two different cakes, and have the option to cut the first piece at the same time. If the flavors are posing a problem and you can’t afford to buy two separate cakes, get different flavored layers.

Double Weddings can be a beautiful thing. However, they take work and can mean a lot of compromise. Before you and your fiancé decide to do this, make sure this is a couple that means enough to you that you wouldn’t mind sharing the spotlight for such an important day.