Easy Edible Wedding Favors from Real Brides

Looking for easy wedding favor ideas? Edible wedding favors tend to be inexpensive, easy to DIY (for those brides who want to), and  beloved by wedding guests who are happy they don’t have to find a spot for another little knick-knack. Here are some amazing edible wedding favor ideas from real brides who wanted to give their guests something special on the big day.

Fortune Cookies
Rebecca, Deming, WA

We are ordering fortune cookies with personalized fortunes as our favors. They are very inexpensive.

hot chocolate wedding favors

Personalized Hot Chocolate
Kathy, Erie, Pennsylvania

Since we’re getting married during the winter and it gets cold in our area, we decided to give everyone a personalized packet of hot chocolate with our picture, a thank you message, and our wedding date printed on them.

My fiancé used a computer program to place our photo on top of a background of snow-covered mountains. We’re wearing winter hats and coats, but we really had the picture taken on a rather warm day. It usually takes me about an hour to glue 20 labels onto each packet. I do it while I’m watching TV so it’s no bother. We look really funny and it suits our personality. Everyone will get a good laugh. The hot chocolate costs 11 cents per packet. We’re having 100 guests.

Homemade Jam
Leah, Edmonton, Alberta

We, with the help of our mothers, will be making homemade jams for everyone. We bought 200 of those tiny jam jars for a total price of $15.00 at a discount store and the rest is free since we picked all the berries ourselves this past summer. We plan to make personalized labels for each jar with our names and the date of the wedding.

muffin mix wedding favors

Muffin Wedding Favors
Jeanette, Milwaukee, WI

Our wedding color is cranberry. My fiancé works in a restaurant and they are going to make cranberry muffins and we’ll add a cranberry tea bag and a little poem.

Heart Cookie Cutters for Heart Cookies
Kami, Woodland, CA

I baked 4×4 inch heart sugar cookies and dipped half of the heart in white chocolate and put my soon-to-be first initial (of my last name) in the middle of the cookie. Then I wrapped the cookie in a clear bag and tied it with a silver ribbon. All this for about $1.00!!!

apple wedding favors

Apple Themed Wedding Favors
Jennifer, New Milford, CT

We are getting married in the fall at an old inn…. our centerpieces are baskets filled with apples and small apple blossom flowers. Our gifts… a metal apple corer with cinnamon sticks tied on top and a recipe card (folded over) of a recipe calling for cored apples. The front of this card is embossed with a seal that reads “From the Kitchen of Jennifer & Scott 10-10-98”. We are giving the men “shooter”, of a variety of Apple Liquors.

Homemade Jam
Doreen, Philadelphia, PA

My fiancé and I took an evening to make strawberry/banana jam. We then put them in cute, 4 oz. jars, one per family. They’ll be placed at the entrance to the reception with a label on the top designating the family and what table at which they’ll be sitting. We think it’ll be a personal, unique, and scrumptious reminder of the special day we all shared together.