How to Enjoy Your Wedding as a Pregnant Bride

A bun in the oven doesn’t stop some brides from walking down the aisle, white gown and all. Sometimes a bride is so very surprisingly pregnant that pregnant wedding guests sitting in the pews are wondering how she’s staying on her feet! Our take on mixing up the order of operations of adulthood is this: own it! A bump on the bride just means her entire family gets to attend and that’s cool. This post is for all the brides with buns out there who may be wondering if they’ll actually enjoy the wedding. Well, good news. You can and you will, if you take these tips to heart:

1. Expect some challenges when dress shopping – though not as many as you might have encountered once upon a time. Maternity wedding dress options abound, and if you can’t find the perfect maternity wedding dress there are scores of maternity bridesmaids’ dresses that are available in gorgeous shining white. In either case, don’t feel like you need to camouflage your bump.

2. Consider flats. Even if just for the reception. We know plenty of pregnant fashionistas who never gave up their sky high heels for a second but you never know. If you’re set on heels pack some pretty flats just in case. Because really, you never know. Should you find you feel faint, flats will be a lifesaver.

3. Have a mock ring made or buy something inexpensive from a costume jewelry shop. You should be able to wear your wedding ring forever so don’t size it to fit your pregnant fingers. Not every pregnant woman has swollen digits but just in case you go up a ring size or three, plan to wear a temp. If you’re wearing a bridal choker or any other rings, the same tip applies.

4. Get down with the teetotalers. We’re not going to stop a bride from having a few sips of champagne on her wedding day but many pregnant brides will choose not to indulge. Have an alternative for toasts – like sparkling cider or gourmet soda – and consider having enough to share. You would be surprised by how many people don’t actually care for champagne.

5. Remember, you can’t please everyone. In the US pregnant brides are still a relatively rare sight so don’t be surprised if you get some stares while shopping for your wedding dress or bridal accessories. Just ignore the haters, should you encounter any. Our hope is that judgmental people will keep their yaps shut but you never can tell. Don’t let any old fashioned busybodies – even if they’re related to you – get you down.

And if nothing else, if you’re still feeling nervous about being a pregnant bride, you’re in amazing company. After all, how many famous brides have walked down the aisle in “a delicate condition”!

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