Fab Bridal Finds for Under $100

Wedding budgets at the worst, right? First, folks like us tempt you to think in terms of the sky being the limit, then money matters drag your fantasy wedding right back down to earth. Sorry about that! It’s easy for us, who are just dreaming and have the freedom to build the ultimate any price wedding from the ground up, to suggest gobs of Swarovski crystal bridal jewelry and a sit down dinner for 300 when we’re not the ones paying for it. To apologize for any unrealistic expectations we may have put into anyone’s heads, we wanted to give our budget brides-to-be a little present in the form a post with lots of fun wedding gear and accessories – all for under $100!

The first rule of saving money? DIY! Putting together a simple bridal bouquet with a single blossom is easy – just add ribbon and a rhinestone hair pin. Make some for your bridesmaids, while you’re at it!

A Russian tulle vintage cage veil with feather hat? Yes! It’s the perfect complement to retro fun and flirty wedding dresses.

We love these modern floral ring pillows from Seizen. They’re a great antidote to all of the plain poly satin ring pillows lurking behind every bridal corner.

Edible wedding centerpieces? Why not! We’ve seen amazing things done with fruit and veggies – just find the produce that matches your wedding colors and find a friend to help you DIY!

Our Naomi Pearl & Swarovski crystal bridal earrings pair beautifully with simple wedding dresses and gowns that are a little more elaborate.

Betsey Johnson Betseyville pumps in black and white make a great bridal accessory for the bride who wants to wear something a little bit different underneath her wedding dress.