FAQ’s About Your Reception

Q: At the Bride and Groom’s table, where does the Bride sit?

A: The Bride is seated on the Groom’s right.

Q: With divorced parents, who attends the reception?

A: Both may attend if agreeable by all, or separate receptions may be given.

Q: Who reads the congratulatory telegrams aloud?

A: The best man reads any congratulatory telegrams.

Q: Who proposes the first toast?

A: The best man proposes the first toast to the bride and groom.

Q: Who cuts the first piece of cake?

A: The bride, with the groom’s right hand over hers. They break the slice and eat it together. A friend or waiter then takes over the slicing of the cake.

Q: What happens at the reception if other couples start dancing before the bride and groom?

A: When the newlyweds appear, everyone should stop dancing. Then the bride and groom waltz once around the floor solo.

Q: Is the groom obligated to dance with someone besides his bride?

A: Yes, he is obligated to dance with his mother, mother-in-law, and the maid of honor.