Female Attendant Gift Ideas

At my sister’s wedding, being an English teacher, she gave each of her attendants a book which she had picked out special for each person. Inside the front cover she had written a personal note highlighting memories shared. It was a very thoughtful, and relatively inexpensive, gift. ~ Kristina

Bridesmaid Lunch
I am taking all of my bridesmaids out to lunch where they will receive a necklace. After lunch we will be going to Estee’ Lauder for a “Master Class”. Each girl will have an individual makeover in which SHE will learn to apply her own makeup. The Master Class is free with purchase of a product, which of course I will be supplying a gift certificate for each girl to spend. ~ Patti, Illinois

I stood in a wedding in which, at the bridesmaid’s luncheon, the bride had a cake with charms in it. The charm is attached to a ribbon which extends from the cake, and each bridesmaid pulls a ribbon and the charms have meanings (clover = good luck, wedding bells = next to get married, high chair = your life will be blessed with children). As a gift at the end of the luncheon, the bride gave us CHARM BRACELETS! I have been having so much fun building on my bracelet since! ~ Karen, Louisiana

Business Card Holders
Personalize it with their names or initials. Click Here.

Candle Holder/Candle Sticks
Canvas Tote Bag
I am buying a canvas tote bag for each of my bride’s maids. I am going to dye them to match their dresses & then I am going to put their name on it. Since we are all getting dresses at the ceremony site, it will be a nice way for them to keep all their belongings together. ~ Marci, New Orleans, LA

Charm Bracelet
Heart-shaped engraved charm with a sparkly rhinestone clasp.

Cook Books
I was in a friend’s wedding and she is known for her cookbook collection. For our gifts she gave us each a cookbook that meant something to each of us. I was working at a pizza place at the time, and got a pizza cookbook. Another one of the girls was a vegetarian, and got a vegan cookbook and the mustard lover got a mustard cookbook. ~ Lainie, Saratoga, CA

Cosmetic Bag

Clutch Purse (To Match Bridesmaid’s Dresses)

Cozy Blanket

Crystal Clock
I went to a local engraving store, and bought a crystal clock on the engraving part it stated the bridesmaid’s name, and a little inscription that reads “To Timeless Friendship”. Underneath my name was then inscribed. ~ Rachel, Gulfport, MS

Crystal Vases
I bought my bridesmaids nice crystal vases (each in a different style to reflect their personality). My reasoning was that I had been told by my florist to purchase some cheap glass vases for them to place their bouquets in after the ceremony, since they are carrying hand tied bouquets (thus no oasis). I figured why buy cheap ones – so I have bought them something that they will hopefully enjoy for years to come. ~ Stefanie, St. Louis, MI

Decorative Tea Light Candle Holder

Desk Clock

Foot Massager
I was recently a bridesmaid in which all of the bridesmaids received a foot spa/massager. This was a great gift after a long day on our feet! The unit could be filled with water, which would be heated, and it vibrated to give the ultimate foot massage. ~ Lisa, Toledo, OH

Framed Poem and Picture
Because I have been friends with all of my bridesmaids for a minimum of 10 years, I am writing a personal poem for each one. I will have a calligrapher make them attractive and place it in one side of the two pictured folding frames. The other side will house the picture of just the two of us from the wedding. ~ Lori, Alabama

Throughout the last 6 months I’ve taken snapshots of each of my bridesmaids. I wrote a cute, original poem about experiences I’ve had with each of them. Then I put the picture and poem in cute little picture frames. I’m planning to put them on the table at each girls’ seat at the bridesmaid luncheon. ~ Kristin, Texas

I have known my 3 attendants forever. I am going to buy silver multi-picture frames and engrave something personal on each. For pictures, I will include pictures from kindergarten, high school, college and weddings that are just of the attendant and myself. Each frame will be full of memories. ~ Kim, Sonoma, California

Friendship Ball
I purchased a Friendship ball for each of my bridesmaids and my mother for the wedding. This metal ornament-like ball has cut-out hearts and other shapes and hinges shut. Inside, it holds bath salts for now, but the legend behind the Friendship ball is that in Old English times friends, sisters, and mothers used to exchange the ball on special occasions, each time filled with something different – a lace handkerchief, chocolates, jewelry, etc.
For now, it can be used as a Christmas ornament or to hold potpourri. The best part is the tradition explains “it is not what is inside the ball, but the friendship and love it represents”. ~ Kim, Brighton, MI

Gift Baskets
(Soaps and Bath Oils, Gourmet Food, Wine, Coffee, Gardening Basket, etc.)

I’ve put together beautiful baskets containing loffas, massagers, scrubbers, those cool blue face masks you freeze, and bath oil balls, hand cream, body lotion, etc. with each girl’s favorite scent such as Vanilla, Raspberry, Pear, and Peach. For my maid of honor, I also purchased an elegant perfume spray bottle. ~ Janine, East Windsor, NJ

We made gift baskets that included a small (red and ivory) fabric covered photo album and disposable camera. The attendants will be able to take candid shots at the reception and later insert them in her keepsake photo album. Also included in the baskets will be the necklace, earrings and bracelet to be worn in the wedding along with a personal thank you note from me. Hint: put each attendant’s name on the bottom of her camera so they don’t get them mixed up. ~ Sherell, Los Angeles, CA

Gift Certificate
For Facial, Manicure, Pedicure or “Day at a Spa”

Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet to Match Bridesmaid’s attire. Click Here.

Jewelry Boxes
Click here to view jewelry boxes. Personalize them too!

Lingerie/Lingerie Bag

EsteƩ Lauder makes beautiful powder compacts that are engraveable. ~ Michelle, Palm Beach, Florida

Make-up Brushesmakeup-brushes
Classy silver-plated makeup brush set. Includes various brush sizes for applying cosmetics from blush to lipstick. Click Here

Monogrammed Terry Cloth Robes

Perfume, Lotions and Toiletries

Personalized Stationery

Personal Photo Album
If you have known your bridesmaids for a long time, you may have several pictures of the times that you’ve spent with them throughout the years! This is personal and can be topped off with a picture of you and each bridesmaid on the big day! ~ Jody, Upper Sandusky, OH

I have known my bridesmaids forever so I’m putting together a photo album of us through the years. Each will have a personal touch. I bought a silver plated photo album, and I’m having their names engraved on them. I am saving space for one final picture that I will put in it. It’s the picture of us on the wedding day. Along with this I have attached a letter of gratitude and the special thanks of being here and being my friend. ~ Amber, St. Louis, MO

Potpourri Holder

Picture Frame
A personalized picture frame – take a picture before (maybe at a shower) with each of the attendants, put the picture in the frame for a gift. ~ Ann, St. James, MN

Satin Clothes Hangers

Silver-plated Key Ringskey chain
A great personalized gift idea. Click Here

Tea Cup
I was recently a bridesmaid and received a teacup with several teabags inside. It was a great way to relax before the ceremony, and it’s fat free, so you can still fit into the dress! ~ Jennifer, Ruston, LA

to a Concert, Play, Musical, or Ballet