Floral Centerpiece

Centerpiece: Bud Vases

We are going to take- about 5-7 per table – and fill them with white roses, greenery and some red roses. Then, we are going to spray paint small round or square glass candle holders so that they appear frosted. We will place about 5-10 of these at each table scattered among the bud vases (filled with small white candles of course).

In the center of each table, we are going to have a picture frame with the table number in it. The name cards and the boxed party favors at each setting will also enhance the look of the table. Folding the napkins and wrapping silk ribbons around each napkin with a small silk flower as a napkin holder will also add to the entire look of the table. ~ Submitted by Eleanora, Boulder, CO.

Centerpiece: Antique Vases

Go to a thrift shop and purchase old flower vases. If you look very carefully, you can even find real crystal for a dollar. Then the vases can be wrapped with decorative beads or ribbons and filled with flowers. You can also place colored glass beads in the bottom of the vase to create a wonderful centerpiece. All of these ideas can cut the price of your centerpieces in half (in relation to the retail suggested price of $75 to $100 dollars each). ~Submitted by Mydahlia, Portsmouth, VA

Centerpiece: Baskets

At the wedding we are putting baskets of fresh flowers at the end of the pews. After the wedding we are taking the baskets and putting them on the center of the table with confetti and one medium sized clay pot on each side with marbles, and a long candle in the pot. ~ Submitted by Jeni, Gunnison, CO

Centerpiece: Terra Cotta Rose Pot

I took a 4″ terra cotta pot (50 cents) and put some florist foam in it. I bought some roses at SAM’s warehouse ($19.99 for two dozens) and put some roses around the top of the pot. Then I put a candle in the middle and tied it with some tulle or ribbon ~ Submitted by Kim, Dallas, TX

Centerpiece: Planted Miniature Roses

I’m having a summer wedding, so roses will be in season. Instead of paying for roses that will last only a week or so, I am using potted miniature rose bushes. They only cost around $6 each, and I plan to give them away at the end of the evening to special friends and relatives. ~ Submitted by Amy, Ohio

Centerpiece: Bridesmaids Bouquet

I was recently the maid of honor at a wedding where my beautifully large bouquet doubled as the centerpiece for my table, and the same for the bridesmaids. First, it got it out of my way, and second, it was lovely to look at… large champagne roses. ~ Submitted by Birgit, New York, NY

Centerpiece: Candleholders as Bud Vases

For our centerpieces, we used tall candleholders as bud vases. They were clear glass and looked antique. We found them at a discount chain for $2.00 each. We filled them with small roses, baby’s breath and greenery that I purchased at a wholesale florist, and tied gold bows around them. The total cost of our centerpieces was less than $100, and they were beautiful!

Centerpiece: Milk Pails

We are planning an October wedding at a ranch/farm. We’ve decided on small aluminum milk pails with dried wild flower bouquets and some candles in mason canning jars. ~ Submitted by Edina, MN

Centerpiece: Tree Branches

I gathered several different shapes and sizes of tree branches that go in all directions (with no leaves left on them). I spray painted them gold. Placed them in a big flower pot and from all the branches I went through and placed lace and pearls and a strand of mini clear lights. Little plastic wedding bells and things found in the craft section. And I wrapped the pot in gold wrapping paper. It turned out beautifully!!

Terra Cotta Pots

We’re using five 4″ terra cotta pots per table ($.39 each). Each one is spray painted white which gives it a sponge-painted look. Then, we are tying ribbon ($.55 per yard) around each one. The pots are getting planted (by a florist) with tulips and pansies and other seasonal potted flowers in multitudes of spring colors. The centerpieces will double as favors. ~ Submitted by Jennifer, Villanova, PA


We are going to spray paint topiaries Silver and Gold, our wedding colors. ~ Submitted by Denise, Charlotte, NC

Hydrangeas and Roses

We are using our florist, but I am having him do a round glass vase filled with lilac hydrangeas and cream roses. We will also have the votive candles around the flowers and a menu on each table. ~ Submitted by Kim, Mtn. View, CA

Wreath with Candle

We bought dried-flower grape vine wreaths for $9.95 each. We’re going to place a wreath on the table with a 10-inch glass chimney ($1.99 each from the craft store) and a candle in the middle. A plus is being able to make them way ahead of time. ~ Submitted by Hilary, Los Angeles, CA

Herbs and Greenery

I am planning to use herbs and greenery for my centerpieces. I’m having a summer garden wedding. I plan to use fresh mint and rosemary mingled with some ivy and just a few flowers.~ Submitted by Maria, Mendon, MA

Terra Cotta Pots with Mums

Kathy, Michigan

Dawn, Springfield, OR

I am making topiaries with small flowers and ivy from the craft store with ribbons and bows of cream and peach – the colors of my wedding flowers. They cost about ten dollars each to make and are great giveaway items at the end of the night-I am alternating them with candles at my wedding reception

Terra Cotta Pots
Stephanie, Santa Barbara, CA

I am using terra cotta pots ($ .89 EACH) spray painted a mint green. Then I will put tulle around it and tie a bow. About 2 months before the wedding I will go buy live small leafed ivy plants to put in the pots. Each center piece will cost about $8.00 each to make and I can do it several weeks before. After the wedding, my family members will be asked to take them home.

Floating Gardenias
Jennifer, Rosemead CA

I am using vases that look like big brandy glasses, and putting some of those glass pebbles in the bottom (blue to match my wedding colors). Then I am going to fill them with water and float Gardenias. On the bottom of the glass, I will put some ribbon tied in a bow.

Wreath with Champagne
Laura, Bellevue, WA

For our reception centerpieces, I’m making 8″ grapevine wreaths decorated in tulle, ribbon and small silk flowers that coordinate with my color scheme. At the time of the champagne toast, they will each have a bottle of champagne that fits in the center of them. They’ll be surrounded by favor’s with Hershey Kisses in tulle. Very inexpensive – $5 per wreath max, depending on what you put on them.

Pine Cone Wreath
Kristy, Williamstown, MA

Since we are having a winter wedding, we decided to try something other than flowers (which are expensive) for our centerpieces. My fiancé and I are collecting pine cones of all shapes and sizes. We will be painting them gold and making wreaths out them. We are going to decorate the wreaths with a navy ribbon to match my wedding colors. In the center, we will place an extra large pillar candle (three wicks) also in navy.