Gift and Wedding Registry – Where to Begin

How Do I Begin?

Before you start to register, talk with your fiancé about your lifestyle, preferences and personalities. Here are some questions you both you answer:

* Do you prefer a casual or a more elegant style?
* Do you prefer things simple or more elaborate?
* How would you describe your tastes? Contemporary? Modern? Country? Victorian?
* Do you prefer lots of vibrant color or soft pastels?
* Do you prefer lots of intricate patterns or simpler designs?
* Do you know what your fiancé’s favorite color is?
* Do you have a favorite color together?
* Do you prefer things that are convenient, easy to use and easy to clean?

Once you and your fiancé have talked about some of the general preferences outlined above (and hopefully agreed on a few…) then, you’re ready to start selecting items for your registry.

If you are going to register for kitchen and tableware items, it is best to start with your dishes first. Your dishes, whether it’s casual dinnerware or fine china, will be the focal point of your table setting. Then, move on to choose your coordinating flatware and glassware.

When Should I Register?

It’s recommended to register 4-6 months prior to your wedding date. It’s also a good idea to check back with the store occasionally and at least a month before the wedding to make sure that the items you selected are still available and in stock. It is also a great time to select some new “seasonal” merchandise to add to your registry.

What Should I Register For?

Select a wide variety of merchandise. No longer is it just about choosing china, crystal and linens. Today, couples are getting married later in life and many already have the basic kitchen and home items. So instead, couples are registering for recreational items from camping gear to in-line skates and even computer equipment.

Take a look at USABride’s Registry Checklists to help give you some ideas of all of the items you can register for.

Also, be sure to register for items in wide range of prices to ensure that everyone can take part in your wedding registry regardless of their budget.