Holiday and Seasonal Table Centerpieces

Are you having your wedding on or near a particular holiday? How about coordinating your centerpieces with it? Pumpkins for Halloween, for instance. Or how about Chocolate Bunnies for Easter?

Spring Table Centerpiece Ideas:

Centerpiece: Basket of Eggs

For our Easter wedding, we are going to use pastel or white baskets filled with plastic Easter eggs (pastel colored) and decorated with tulips and Easter lilies. You can even make the eggs favors by placing something inside of them! ~ Submitted by Jaime, Elberton, GA

Centerpiece: May Day Baskets

We are getting married on May 1st. For our centerpieces, we chose to have May Day Baskets. We are decorating the baskets with flowers and tulle and filling them with popcorn and candies. ~ Submitted by Felicia, Des Moines, Iowa

Centerpiece: Sponge-Painted Pots

My sister just got married, and for her centerpieces she got a bunch of friends together to sponge-paint pots in her wedding colors. We then contacted a garden center and had them plant pansies in her colors in the pots. The centerpieces did not cost a lot, looked great, and one guest at each table got to take the plant home as a nice memory of the day! ~ Submitted by Betsy, Wales, WI

Centerpiece: Straw Hat

I’m having a garden wedding! My mom and I bought straw hats at a local craft store. We are going to decorate them with silk flowers and ribbon then place them in the middle of each table. ~ Submitted by Beci, Clackamas, OR

Centerpiece: Herbs and Greenery

I am planning to use herbs and greenery for my centerpieces. I’m having a summer garden wedding. I plan to use fresh mint and rosemary mingled with some ivy and just a few flowers. ~ Submitted by Maria, Mendon, MA