Honoring a Parent That Has Passed Away

Many brides and grooms want to include some type of remembrance during their wedding ceremony of a parent (or parents) that have passed away. It can be done tactfully and without making it too sad at the same time; here are some options:

* A Lighting of candles can be done at the very beginning of the ceremony or during the lighting of the unity candle.
* Presentation of single stemmed flowers for each parent at the altar.
* A special reading which mentions their name) could also be done.
* Have the clergy say a prayer mentioning their names and possibly have the congregation bow their heads in a moment of silent remembrance.

Before you decide, speak with your clergy and see what he or she thinks would be best. They know you better and are in a better position to make suggestions.

One final and important point: Don’t get too sentimental during this time. This is your wedding day and you know your parents would want you to enjoy this celebration without becoming so choked up that you couldn’t go on with the ceremony.