How Far Should You Take Your Wedding Theme

Most brides-to-be at the very least explore the idea of having a theme wedding, but the whole idea of a wedding them has gotten a bad rap. A bride that has a vintage wedding theme complete with old fashioned Swarovski crystal bridal jewelry, antique lace, wedding fruit cake just like great grandma had, and retro menswear, plus an old Model T and all the trimmings of 1920 is somewhat unusual.

If anything, more brides (and their partners) integrate themed elements into their ceremonies and receptions without going whole hog. Wedding themes can seem a little scary when some of the examples of theme weddings out there are a little… déclassé. We’d caution that the overwhelming number of rather silly ideas for theme weddings on wedding planning sites shouldn’t get in your way of wanting to have an awesome ceremony and reception that fall outside of the norm!

As far as theme weddings go, there are two ways to handle integrating a theme into your ceremony and reception, and we’ll describe both here.

Taking a Wedding Theme All the Way

Wearing great grandma’s bridal jewelry isn’t enough? Or maybe vintage isn’t for you and you’re currently hunting down Doctor Who memorabilia and a Tardis. Possibly a nautical theme? The theme itself doesn’t matter as much as your willingness to put the time and effort into building upon it when you’re going all the way with your wedding theme. The thing about planning a wedding around a theme is that it can take longer than planning a wedding where the theme is, well, getting married. It can be more expensive, too, especially if your theme will require you to buy a lot of specialty items – or have decor and clothing custom made. So before deciding on a theme wedding, consider your budget! And ruminate on the fact that theme weddings often work best when both halves of the couple are equally enamored by the theme.

A Wedding Theme of Subtle Touches

If the time and commitment required for a in depth theme wedding seem like too much effort and expense or you and your sweetie can’t agree on a theme, consider integrating details from the theme that resonates with you into your ceremony and reception without going all the way. For example, many brides and grooms will have subtly themed wedding favors or songs that relate to a theme that’s close to their hearts without dressing up like pirates or having a Fourth of July wedding cake. Having a themey touch here and there can be a lot more budget-friendly and a lot less jarring for those friends and relatives who might otherwise be confused as to why they’re suddenly entering the world of My Little Pony – hey, it could happen – when they expected to be at a wedding.

Shown: gold chandelier bridal earrings; pearl and rhinestone bracelet