How Much Wedding Cake Do I Really Need?

When it comes to designing the perfect wedding cake, brides-to-be are more likely to think about icing flavors and crystal wedding cake toppers than they are about the serving-to-guest ratio. But at our cake loving office, we can’t think of anything sadder than the wedding guest at the reception sitting empty handed while everyone else munches on the wedding cake because the happy couple underestimated the number of slices they’d need to satisfy everyone.

But how much wedding cake does it take to satisfy everyone, anyway? Our wedding planning experts tell us that a good rule of thumb is one slice per guest, with an extra slice added in for every 10 guests. That’s because sometimes extra guests just show up even if it’s terrible etiquette and some people just plain love cake. Before you balk at how much cake that will be, consider that the average piece of wedding cake is a lot smaller than the average piece of birthday cake. Your baker can tell you how big of a wedding cake you’ll ultimately need based on your estimated head count – and that can be adjusted based on how many tiers you want, what shape of cake you want, and whether you’ll have other desserts available.