Ideas We Love: Wedding Cake from the Supermarket!

Right off the bat, I can understand that you might be a little skeptical to hear you can get a gorgeous wedding cake from the supermarket. But understand I am not talking about Entenmann’s here. The supermarket is one of the best kept secrets most brides never hear about. It might really surprise you to learn that some grocery store chains have entire catalogs of wedding cake designs that are actually quite lovely and tasty, too. Oh, and fully customizable.

“There are so many variables that go into selecting a wedding cake, such as the number of people you plan to feed, the amount of decorator detail, the type of cake, filling vs. fondant, etc.,” Brenda Reid, a media relations representative of Publix, told Equally Wed. “Each cake can be customized to fit the customer’s needs.”

What kind of savings are you looking at? According to one Wall Street Journal Article, couples who order their wedding cakes from shops like Publix will spend about $200-400. Compare that to the average cost of a wedding cake in 2014, which started at $466 for the country as a whole, with prices being more like $1,000 in major metro areas.


DIY wedding cake is a scary concept and frankly, I’d never recommend a bride-to-be bake her own tiered confection as a money-saver. Baking can be hard and better to spend the cash than end up cutting into a giant trifle that was a wedding cake that collapsed in on itself. BUT you can DIY cake or even just DIY the decorations.

diy wedding cake

How cute was Jordan Ferney‘s spread? So what if it doesn’t look like the stereotypical wedding cake? “Most couture cakes are small,” Ramona Osirka, owner of Perfect Wedding Cake in Marietta, Georgia, told HuffPo. So go small! Not a baker? No worries. Design can be its own DIY.


A Practical Wedding created an amazing guide to turning supermarket bakery cakes into wedding cakes here. It’s amazing how much impact a few flowers and a trio of cake stands can have. (The key is scraping of the grocery’s decorations or just asking for a plain cake.) Not a fan of your local chain’s baked goods? Pick your favorite indy bakery and place an order for four or five plain or simply decorated cakes.


Would you ever DIY your wedding cake?

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