Include Your Heritage Into Your Ceremony

America is made up of many cultures and nationalities. Why not spice up the traditional American celebration by adding elements of your heritage? Here are a few ideas that will help you incorporate your culture into the festivities:

* In the days of slavery, African-American couples would declare their love in front of family and friends by jumping over a broom. This act symbolized the new home they hoped to enjoy together. Many couples today choose to add this to their ceremony in remembrance of their forefathers.
* Pass on traditional attire and opt instead for brightly colored robes. This dress code can also be extended to the guests.
* Hire drummers or dancers who can add a cultural flair to the ceremony or reception.


* Go with traditional Chinese wedding attire and wear a red dress down the aisle. This beautiful color symbolizes love in Chinese culture.

English or Irish

* Get rid of your tiered wedding cake. The traditional wedding cake for these countries is a dense fruitcake soaked in spirits and wrapped with fondant icing.


* Wear a crown of flowers instead of a veil. In Greece, both the bride and the groom wear flowers, which are placed there by an honored male guest.


* Add a touch of Italy to your reception by asking your band or DJ to play “The Tarantella”, a traditional Italian folk dance.
* Give sugared almonds wrapped in tulle as favors to the guests. In Italian culture, they symbolize both fertility and the bitter and sweet moments in life.
* Release a pair of doves after the ceremony, which have come to signify a couple’s love and happiness.


* As a reminder of the bride and groom’s changed life, many Jewish brides have their husbands break a glass wrapped in cloth at the end of the ceremony.


* To symbolize your union, have a white rope or rosary wound around you and your mate’s shoulders in the shape of a figure-8 as you say your vows.
* Use three bouquets – one to leave at the altar in honor of the Virgin Mary, one to walk down the aisle with, and the last one to use for the bridal toss.


* Hand out silver horseshoes and bells to the women at the wedding. These signify your luck in marriage.

For other ideas, talk to your relatives or do some library research on your own. Also, be sure to let your guests know the significance of any cultural traditions included in your wedding, through a brief explanation of the tradition in either a wedding newsletter or in your wedding program.