Including Faraway Folks in Your Wedding on the Big Day

Unless your circle of loved ones is incredibly local – which is rare these days – you’re going to get a few Declines With Regrets in your RSVP pile. It’s disappointing when your favorite cousin or best friend from elementary school can’t make it, but not at all uncommon. One way that brides and grooms have included faraway friends and relatives in their weddings is by sending extra special people mini wedding albums or sending out a covert tweet at the reception… but some couples want to do more. You want your loved ones to see your wedding jewelry and your ceremony venue and hear your vows, after all! A video after the fact or plain old pictures? Maybe for you it just doesn’t feel like enough.

That’s where the Internet comes in. Brides-to-be already shop for their wedding jewelry, accessories, and even their gowns online. Centerpieces and full packages of fresh flowers can be ordered with a click of a mouse. Couples tour ceremony and reception venues on YouTube. So it’s only natural that some brides and grooms would take things one step further with easy-to-access tech like Skype, livestreaming, automatic photo uploads, and yes, Twitter.

In the past few years, you’ve probably seen news stories of brides and grooms tweeting at the altar or broadcasting their weddings live via password protected blogs, not to mention online proposals that are incredibly public. We’d guess that the thought of changing your relationship status to married within seconds of saying “I do” might strike you as a little too much technology, but that’s no reason not to explore all of the options for sharing with faraway folks when you’re planning a wedding. Maybe a grandparent who’s too ill to travel would appreciate being able to watch the ceremony as it unfolds. Or #yournamewedding will trend. It’s all up to you and how much you want to share with the world or just with a select group of people. All we’re saying is consider it if those Declines With Regrets are really tugging at your heartstrings.

Would you tweet on the big day?