Let Your Wedding Jewelry Style Be Your Guide

What is it about weddings that makes people feel like they have the right to chime in with any old opinion? You may have noticed that everyone and their mother has something to say about your wedding colors, your cake flavors, or your venue.

In some cases, it pays to listen. If your cousin was married at that cute little chapel in the next town and tells you that the AC broke halfway through her summer ceremony and the minister asked some very inappropriate questions beforehand, consider looking elsewhere. But when it comes to your wedding dress, bridal shoes, and wedding jewelry, you shouldn’t feel obligated to listen to the opinions coming from all corners.

Why? Because you are the one who will actually be wearing your wedding dress, bridal shoes, and wedding jewelry. Almost every other element of your wedding is shared. Your guests will spend time in your ceremony space and eat the same food you eat at the reception. The cake you cut will almost always be the cake everyone eats. The favors will hopefully go home with the majority of guests. The decorations will be enjoyed by friends and family alike.

But again, you are the only one – we assume – who will slip into your wedding dress, bridal shoes, and wedding jewelry. As much as you value your mom’s input or your bestie’s suggestions, you’ll be most lovely in your chosen dress and accessories when you’re comfortable. Bridal earrings that feel too heavy will make you self-conscious. A dress that pinches or weighs you down will lessen your enjoyment of one of the happiest days of your life. A bridal headpiece that gives you a headache? Don’t even try to suffer through it, no matter how amazing it is. Shoes that are too tight? Hobbling is never beautiful!

As you plan your wedding, be gracious. Listen to the opinions – and know that they come from the best possible place. But don’t ever feel obligated to let someone else’s ideas about your wedding dress, bridal shoes, and wedding jewelry determine what you’ll wear as you say your vows. On your wedding day, you should look and feel like yourself – and that means looking and feeling your best.

How much weight are you giving others’ opinions about your big day?

Shown: The Bella ribbon bridal headband