Making Your Veil

The Bad News:
As with many items related exclusively to weddings, store-bought veils can be extremely costly.

The Good News:
No matter what your skill level, you can easily save money by making your own.

Here’s how:

*Two left hands.

Your idea of drawing a person is a round circle with five strategically placed lines. Not a problem. Many craft stores sell ready-made headpieces and veils. If you can sew, hot glue or Velcro the two items together, you’ll save yourself a nice chunk of change, as compared to its store-bought twin.

*Creative, but not Van Gogh.

Try buying the veil ready-made, but make your own headpiece. For your base, use a headband or thick wire shaped in a circle. First, wrap your base completely with ribbon and hot glue each end of the ribbon to secure it in place. To decorate, hot glue silk flowers, pearls, lace or glittery shells onto the ribbon. Attach a comb so it stays on your head, and don’t forget to add the veil!

*The next Martha Stewart.

Find patterns for veils at the local craft store and purchase tulle by the yard. To add that special touch to your finished veil, consider purchasing appliqués and placing several of them on the edges of your veil. You could also stitch a string of pearls to the edge of your veil. For your headband, follow the directions above.

*Before making your own, it is important to try on veils at a bridal salon to get a feel for what styles you like and what looks good on you. Once you have a plan, go for it! This is an easy and fun way to add personality and subtract expense at the same time.