New Year’s Eve Wedding Themes

Planning a wedding at the turn of the New Year? The symbolism of beginning your new life together as you begin a new year strengthens the commitment you feel for each other and adds one more reason to throw a great New Year’s Eve party. tuxedo corkscrew favor ~

If your ceremony is to begin at exactly midnight, start looking early for an Officiant who will perform the ceremony. You may have difficulty finding one who will stay up late to marry you. An Officiant who specializes in performing marriage ceremonies but is not associated with a particular church may be more willing to stay up late. You can find references for these freelance officiators in bridal magazines tailored to your area, the telephone directory, or from a bridal coordinator.

You may wish to have your reception include the magical midnight festivities. This can be more fun for your guests and easier for you to get wedding services. You can hold your ceremony earlier in the evening, or even in the afternoon and get all dressed up for a New Year’s Eve party you won’t soon forget. This works out well for families with young children and seniors who aren’t up for all night celebrating.

Have a brief reception or receiving line following the ceremony so everyone can congratulate you, then make plans for all your brave friends and family members to celebrate your wedding as the new year rolls in. Be sure to hire a band or DJ who will play all your favorites and count down the last few seconds before midnight. Consider a fireworks show outside the reception, or a confetti shower inside the reception. Don’t forget the champagne!

Decorate your ceremony and reception site in all white with gold or silver accents. Start with a glossy white invitation and finish with a reception hall decked out with a winter fantasy of white tulle, decadent white flowers, painted trees, and shimmering ice sculptures.

You can even ask your guests to wear white to the ceremony and reception. Thank your guests by giving them a small white box with a truffle or petit four.