Parent Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas for Parents of the Bride and Groom

Engraved Wine Bottle

Beautifully engraved and hand-painted wine bottles with your name and wedding date.

Gift Baskets

Try a basket of homemade goodies, such as cookies or muffins. Check out your local restaurant and specialty shop.


I gave my mother and my fiancé’s mother each gift certificate for a massage and a basket full of goodies (flavored teas, coffees, chocolates, etc.) to help them relax when all was said and done. ~ Shared by Michelle, Monticello, Illinois


My fiancé and I will be making a “movie” highlighting memorable moments throughout our lives (baby photos, teenage years, etc). We will use photographs and video clippings. Towards the end of the video we will merge our lives together. I plan to narrate the video and thank both of our parents for all the wonderful things they have done as we have grown. We will show the movie on a big screen at the reception for all of our guests to see how much we love and cherish our families. We have contacted a local high school to get students to help us so we only have to pay a minimal fee. ~ Shared by Kelly, Reading, PA

Personal Note

A personally written note to each parent individually. It makes things very special because it comes straight from the heart. ~ Shared by Katy, Alabama

Picture for Your Mom

For my mother I am giving her a beautiful picture frame with two sections. In the left section, I put a B/W photo of me as a little girl in a white dress on the beach. In the right section, will be my bridal portrait. If I know her, she’ll be moved to tears. Good thing I’m giving her an embroidered handkerchief as well. ~Shared by Anna, Austin, Texas

Get a picture from her Wedding Day (Professional or Not) and then frame it along with your Bridal Picture. A good place to get pictures of your Mom’s Wedding day is from your Grandparents!!! (And prepare for the tears) Include a note that says I hope that my marriage is as wonderful and happy as yours. ~ Shared by Miranda, in Brent, Alabama

Picture Frame for Dad

My gift to my father will be a double 5×7 frame with a picture of me when I was a little girl on the left and a picture of me & him at the wedding on the right. I will have engraved on the top left side “I will always be…” then on the right side “your little girl”.

Scrap Books

My fiancé and I are putting together little 4×6 scrapbooks for our moms. It will chronicle from when we were born up to the present. Scrap booking is a favorite hobby of mine and I know both our mom’s will just love them. We’ll even put little quotes or heartfelt sayings, this is something I think they’ll treasure forever!

Small Hardcover Pocket Books

Those little hardcover pocket books for Moms, Dads, or grandparents found in bookstores. ~ Shared by Sue, Kentwood, MI