Questions to Ask Your Baker

Flexibility in design choices – Will they “custom-make” your cake based on your individual preferences? Unless you want your baker to replicate a particular cake, all wedding cakes should be custom made and reflect your personal and wedding style.

How the cake is made – Some bakers may use packaged cake mix while most use all homemade ingredients.

Request pictures of their of work – Take a look at their portfolio of cakes. Do you like what you see? Does it reflect good workmanship, a steady hand, and creativity? Do you like the baker’s style?

Extra charges or deposits required for pillars, cake tops, or columns – If there are pillars or columns that are rented, ask how much the deposit is and about how and when those items need to be returned. Sometimes if the baker is familiar with the reception site or caterer, they may pick up those items on their own. Sometimes it will be your responsibility to return them. If you’re heading off to your honeymoon, remember to designate someone to return these items to your baker while you’re gone.

Delivery and set up charges – If your baker is close by, there may not be an additional delivery charge. Some may charge $35-$60 for delivery. Usually, the set up charge is included in the price of the cake.

Who will be setting up the cake – Talk to your baker about how you’d like the cake table to be set up. Usually, they will use some fresh flowers and greenery to decorate the cake table. However, flowers should be used in moderation, because you don’t want the flowers on the cake table to draw attention away from the cake.

Price per serving – For a three-tiered cake, prices average between $1.50 – $5.00 per slice. Price per serving, varies based upon the intricacy of the design and decorations of the cake. Elaborate frosting decorations are time and labor intensive which equals a higher price.

If you’re using fresh flowers for the cake, will they be provided and already be in place or is the florist responsible – This is an minor, yet important detail. Situations have occurred where the bride had paid the florist to provide fresh flowers and decorate the wedding cake, but the baker did not want anyone else to decorate her cake. So, there was a bit of confusion between the two vendors, and the bride essentially paid “both” vendors to decorate the cake. On the flip side, some bakers will tell you that they will not provide the fresh flowers and must be provided by the florist. So, you just need to ask…