Reader Question: How Big Should My Bridal Bouquet Be?

A bride-to-be who identified herself as La Paloma emailed to ask this question:

After choosing my wedding dress, my wedding jewelry, my veil, and other accessories, I realized it was time to pick a bridal bouquet. I have flowers and colors in mind, but I realize that there are tons of different types and sizes of bouquet. What should I know about choosing a bridal bouquet?

Like your wedding jewelry, your bridal bouquet should ideally be scaled to your body. With wedding jewelry, actually, there’s more flexibility because you’re also working to coordinate your accessories to your gown. But with the bouquet, your height and width has a lot to do with making the flowers you carry down the aisle look good (and vice versa). So here’s the deal with bouquets and body types:

Your bridal bouquet shouldn’t be wider than your body, particularly your hips. Nor should it be so small that it makes you look like a giant in comparison. The goal, as with all accessories, should be to create balance and harmony. In general, brides with hourglass figures should avoid petite bouquets, while brides who fall into the category of pear should stay away from triangular cascade bouquets. Brides with wider shoulders have more choices because they can carry very wide bouquets and appear proportional. Don’t forget your wedding dress, of course. The bigger the gown, the bigger your bouquet can be. Tall brides in any dress style are fabulous with cascade bouquets in hand. And every bride can pull of a hand-tied bunch!

But as we say about almost everything else, bridal bouquet rules were meant to be broken. If you’ve fallen in love with the idea of carrying an absolutely huge bouquet or a tiny nosegay, we’re not going to be the ones to stop you. With confidence, you can carry off any bridal look in the book!

Image via Rene’s Bouquets For Brides by Rene van Rems