Selecting a Coordinator For a Destination Wedding

Once you have decided on a destination wedding, you might want to consider a wedding coordinator, who knows the all the ins and outs of the romantic location you have selected. I think of the coordinator as the switchboard to the community in which you are getting married.

Check List to Determine If You Can Work Together:

1.You should feel comfortable with the coordinator. She should ask for your input and not impose her preferences on you.

2.The coordinator should have an upbeat, flexible, CAN DO attitude.

3.The coordinator should be familiar with the community and have a diversified selection of people and locations for you to consider.

4. Ask for references of other couples to contact.

5.Be clear with what you what, don’t assume they can read your mind.

6.They should ask you lots of detailed questions and be willing to take time with you.

7.You should be provided with a detailed budget of the estimated costs ahead of time.

8. Ask about the payment arrangements.

Remember this is your wedding. The feeling with the coordinator should be that you are a team. If the coordinator does her job, then you can show up, be relaxed, look beautiful and have a wonderful day.