Shopping for Your Wedding Gown

Dress shopping is one of the most exciting parts of planning your weddings but can also be quite hectic so here are a few helpful hints to maximize your dress hopping experience.

1. When you go shopping for your gown, don’t bring ALL six bridesmaids and your mother. If you bring too many people shopping, it can be VERY CONFUSING. Try shopping with just one or two people.
2. When you go shopping for your dress – look your BEST. Sometimes even the most beautiful gown, won’t look “right” when your hair is a mess and you’re wearing sweat socks. Here are a few more hints:
* Fix your hair before you go
* Wear a little makeup
* Wear nylons and shoes (not sneakers and sweat socks)
* Wear a strapless bra or bustier. (If you don’t own one, wait until you’ve purchased your gown, so you know exactly the right type to buy.)
3. Bring magazine clippings with you to your appointment with the bridal salon. This will give them a much better visualization of what types of gowns you like.

BUT… be sure to try on as many different styles as you can. A wedding gown is unlike any other dress and sometimes you just can’t tell which style is going to look best on you.
4. Trust YOUR instincts and you’ll know exactly when you’ve found THE DRESS.


5. To save money on your wedding dress, buy your wedding gown from a reputable discounter. You may not feel as “pampered” as you would from a bridal salon, but you can save up to 30% off the retail price.
6. When you to go order your wedding dress, order the dress in your current size. Don’t order a smaller size anticipating to lose weight. It’s always easier (and LESS EXPENSIVE) to take in a dress rather than letting it out.
7. If you’re buying your wedding dress and bridesmaids’ attire from a bridal shop… try and purchase ALL of the dresses from the same shop. They’ll usually give you a pretty good discount off the dresses or free alterations. If they don’t offer a discount… be sure to ask!
8. Before you order your dress, be sure to check into the shop. How long have they been in business? With lead times of over 6 months sometimes, you want to feel comfortable that the shop will be in business 6-12 months from now.