Shower Favors Ideas

A Single Rose

A fresh or silk rose at every guest setting, to thank them for sharing your day.

One Baby Shoe

One cute idea that I did for my friend was to wrap ONE baby shoe as an anonymous gift. I enclosed a card that said she would receive the other shoe and I would reveal my identity when I attended her first baby shower. Everyone thought it was a great idea!

Cookies as Favors

I’m making cookies in the shape of a flower and a butterfly. I plan to decorate the cookies with icing and write each guest’s name in icing on the cookie. These will serve as place cards and favors.

Something for the Groom

Have all the guests bring a tool for the husband to be and the host of the party buys the tool box. Everyone fills it and when he comes to pick up his bride to be from the party he has a gift there for him.

Recipe Card

With the invitations, enclose a recipe card for each person to bring to the shower with their favorite recipe.

Jelly Bellies

Everyone loves jelly bellies! Take two different colors of cellophane and wrap about a ½ cup of jelly bellies in the cellophane and then tie them with some coordinating ribbon. Create fortunes for each pouch of jelly bellies and tie them on to the ribbon. Everyone will like reading their fortunes and eating their pouches of jelly bellies!

White Chocolate “Lollipop” Rose Buds

Melt chocolate wafers and pour into a candy mold shaped as a rose bud (each mold makes 3-4 roses). Add a lollipop stick (some molds are pre-notched for this) and pop the mold into the freezer for 10-15 minutes. Remove the candy lollipops and wrap in plastic wrap to keep them fresh. You can then wrap them in tulle or decorative paper and tie them with a ribbon for “presentation” purposes.

Candle favors

Candle favors are a big hit because everyone loves candles. Take a single candle or two candles joined by the wick and dress them up with netting, lace and ribbons. They look beautiful and are a very practical, useable favor.

Wooden Spoon Favors
Kathy, Baltimore, MD

Wrap 4-6 pieces of candy with tulle on the spoon part of a wooden spoon. Tie a bow just above the spoon part with 2-3 pieces of coordinating ribbons. Everyone can use a wooden spoon, and who doesn’t like candy?