Simple Ways to Decorate Favors

The finishing touches you choose to add to your favors can transform them from “blah” to “bellisimo”. Don’t fret if you can only give your guests a votive candle or a bag of candy. Below are some clever and inexpensive ways to wrap your favors in order to add elegance and personality.
The Wrapping

* Tulle: Commonly used, tulle adds elegance to any favor. It comes in different colors and can be bought on a roll or in circles. Although circles cost more, consider going with those because it gathers into a fuller look than its roll counterpart

tuxedo favor boxes

* Cellophane: Inexpensive, cellophane is a shiny material manufactured in a variety of patterns and colors. With its brightly colored options and designs, cellophane screams fun, especially when paired up with matching curling ribbon.
* Fabric: From a lacey look to gingham check, this option empowers you to be super creative, without breaking the old pocketbook. On the downside, because you’ll need to cut your own squares, it also requires more work.
* Corrugated Cardboard: Wrap votive candles in corrugated cardboard of the same height, then secure with ribbon wrapped around the middle and tied in a bow. It makes a smaller votive look instantly more substantial.

Tying Loose Ends

* Personalized Ribbon: The priciest of options, the ribbon will proclaim the name of you and your new hubby as well as your wedding date. It’s a nice touch, but because it is usually quite thin, consider tying it along with another ribbon in a different color.
* Ribbon: Experiment with different widths, textures and colors of ribbons. Two thin ribbons in different colors creates a beautiful display, as does large bows from thick, shimmery ribbons.
* Raffia: For country-lovers, this wrapping option pumps plenty of personality into your favors. It can be frustrating to create a bow, but it depends on the pliability of the brand you are using. Some definitely work better than others.

Creative Touches

* Faux Flowers, Shells & Heart Candy: Miniature versions of these items can be hot-glued to the center of the bow. It is an easy and inexpensive way to connect simple favors to a larger theme, or simply to add that final touch.
* Layer: Try wrapping your favors in two different colors of tulle or tying with two different colors of ribbon for a stunning effect.
* Heart Confetti: Mix candy with shiny heart confetti before tying together.