Something Old, Something New…

Well, you’ve heard it a thousand times… on her wedding day, a bride is suppose to wear “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in your shoe!” Many brides still follow this age old tradition, but what exactly does it mean? And why blue? Well, here’s the answer…

Something Old… The “old” must be something which has belonged to a happily married woman. The wearing of such an item insures a lucky transfer of happiness to the new bride and signifies a sense of continuity, tradition and represents the link to the bride’s old life and her family. Many brides would wear their mother’s wedding gown or family jewelry.

Something New… Signifies hope for the future. The bridal gown can be used here, if it is purchased new – or any other new item purchased as part of the bridal attire.

Something Borrowed… The “borrowed” must be some object of value/significance to guarantee wealth and prosperity in the future. Brides can borrow jewelry or a special handkerchief from a family member or close friend.

Something Blue… The “blue” is symbolic of the heavens and also of true love. It signifies fidelity, purity and love. This is why you see so many garters with blue ribbon or detailing!

A Silver sixpence in your shoe… The “sixpence” or “new dime” must be worn in the heel of the left shoe to insure wealth and prosperity.